Saturday, October 30, 2010

Weekend confirmed episode 32

NAMEVideogame consultant and columnist N'Gai Croal joins Garnett, Brian and Jeff on the show this week. Heavy hitters like Star Wars force unleashed 2 and fable 3 step up to the plate in whatcha' been playin? along with hands-on reports from BlizzCon on Diablo 3 and the upcoming custom StarCraft 2 cards. A fast the examination whether game design is stagnating in times of fall in habits which branches off of the warning on topics including moves up whether derivative design inherently is bad and why we bother us so much about services from. And packaging it up in the front page are details on the relaunch of the games for Windows Marketplace, zenimax expanding its development resources with the addition of Shinji Mikami's new Tango gameworks Studio and more.

Weekend confirmed EP 32 - 10/29/2010

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Weekend confirmed comes in four segments to simply hear into segments or all einmal.Hier is the timing for this week's episode:

Whatcha' been playin: start: 00: 00: 00 end: 00: 31: 12

Whatcha' been playin and Cannata Ford a new game: start: 00: 32: 16 end: 01: 06: 30

Warning: Start: 01: 07: 40 end: 01: 44: 34

Music break with "El Cuerno": 01: 44: 34 end: 01: 47: 48

Page: Start: 01: 47: 48 end: 02: 16: 09

NFL pick three: start: 02: 18: 09 end: 02: 26: 30

Music features "El Cuerno" 44th & filth interrupt this week co-founder Andy Reid.Latin percussion sets a strong foundation for the track, but it's that bad Horn-Linie, that really makes it possible to move erhalten.Dieser brand new track is now in the iTunes music store and on Beatport erhaltlich.Auf Facebook you can with 44th and filth and Andy Reid connect.

Check original music in the show of del Rio.Seine latest single, small town hero on iTunes to get page or Facebook page out more, including the super mega worm mix and other mash-ups on its ReverbNation.

Jeff can in the totally rad show seen be have gone every day, so it a new segment every day of the week to see!

Our official Facebook weekend confirmed side is now add us to your Facebook Routine.Wir you are with the latest in the show are as well as be hold.

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