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Video game tester

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Why are poker sites popular directions

The poker sites are very popular due to their exciting experience and easy access from the Office. Interestingly, survey, showed two years that the recent surge in the popularity of Poker much because of the online games and Web sites. Poker offers the excitement, thrill and change with chance to win you huge prizes immediately with its easy to rules and strategies to follow.

The growth of poker sites business over the last decade was complex from only $ 82.7 million in 2001, this business is more than ten billion according to the latest estimates of the Industrie.Die online poker sites offer much more than traditional gaming experience, where the whole exercise leave to go to home and effort was reduced Casino or club atop him, the costs of running and legal restrictions are easier to operate the site around a casino.

The Poker website is much more comfortable and offer a friendly environment for attendees, big difference from the casinos who feel sometimes little intimidating. Known casinos, poker rooms to remove and replace with slot machines as you have higher returns compare while on the site, a participant can remain online for a long time without feeling no hurry as it, which means in turn to real business.

The poker sites can have even more to offer, things like free roll evening and new participants is often large hook low inserts for the introduction.There are many tournaments online arranged that worldwide win huge number of participants, and many of you left behind and surprisingly good poker players to be really is during a hundred times less than the actual tournament costs for an online tournament.

Poker Web sites are also enjoy offers for participants that has security personnel here to check more support as you more fair and track the offers, which slightly reduced the chances of collusion of participants with specially developed Software.Dies and the game is fair for all.

The poker sites offer much more exciting game as any agreement with another set of players to safely lead management to his modified.system IP address to keep players from same area on different tables, this keeps the game much more healthy and the opportunities, minimizing incidents after the game.

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Top 50 Drama games Déballé

Package practical teacher filled with drama games more added lists, maps the image and activities.

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Why like gamers flight Pro SIM so much?

If you really want to fly in the virtual layer and get to fly the same experience in a real aircraft must go for the flight per SIM. There are numerous websites that allow to go for many downloads extraordinary flying to moments. The flight per SIM package with many varieties of airports and aircraft comes. You will definitely fall in love with many varieties of aircraft and different landscapes. If you love adventure, simulation games are. Learn more about that, what exactly you in this journey will experience must go through the manual.
Each aircraft with a different type of cockpit which is designed according to the real plane comes in this PC games.This is why your experiences are quite real, if it actually on spielen.Die level of realism is really beyond the computer over a certain limit, and this is the reason why people really love to experience the wonders of the simulation package.

You have a lot of choice when it comes to train or airport. Not only that, also select, choose what type of landscape to see off the plane. There are a number of challenges if you actually get used to this particular program.If it to pull off or have even landing some know-how to erlangen.Wenn it properly do may crash your plane. Of course it comes to a virtual crash but still experience it in a real possibility.

If you really want to increase the level of reality of your experience, you can actually go for advanced functions of this program. You can run the entire program with a keyboard and a joystick. There are other accessories as yoke or rudder pedals that can also be used.

You will really feel as though you are sitting in a real plane and fly it.You can see airports, which start and runway, the landscape before the flight and much more.If you really want to get some expertise in the whole program can totally go through the manual and knowledge about different controls using the instructions in it gegeben.Dies is a new experience in your life Add. definitely want to learn more about the flight per SIM card, make sure that you a lot about this particular subject on the Internet erforschen.finden you lots of information, some Web sites that allows you different modules of this particular program herunterladen.sobald you everything on your system have, get ready for an adventure you will never forget for your life.

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Healthy Computer Habits

If you sit at your computer all day, you will need this information if you want to stay in good health and avoid illness or injury!

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The most effective StarCraft 2 strategy for when you're outnumbered

Use choke points to your advantage is often a really strong StarCraft 2 strategy. Using properly could be the difference between the win a Abgleichung-and drop a match mean. A choke point is a section of a map that limit the movement of units through it.

The most familiar is the ramp in the Heimatbasis.Auch if the opponent has a large army, can easily protect your base by several strategically positioned colossi of Memnon or siege tank.

Allow smaller armies to larger armies defeat.For example, if the choke point only wide by enough to walk for three units at a time, is your enemy in position with three units Angriff.Es makes no difference if your opponent has 50 units if only 3 able, attack at any time. This is the power a choke point.

Also in the event that you have ranged units such as stalker, Marines or Hydralisks, be in a position of the keenest concave use. Their ranged weapons units outside of the choke point should have the ability to assign in a concave formation so you simultaneously on 2 or 3 units fire that can flow through the throttle. This allows a large number of ranged units attack a much smaller number of units to get climbing through the small area while you.

A few maps natural choke Punkte.manchmal are included you just outside of your natural expansion makes perfect to protect both your main base and your natural expansion.These cards can easily extend and protect your bases by you only a small amount of units.Multiple cards have chokes in the center of the map, that tend, perfect for surprising armies on your way to your base to ‧devices you can, in the center of the map to destroy enemy army, can potentially a counter-attack which send may end the match.

If there is no natural chokes, you are able a few herzustellen.Terran and protoss are able to use building to choke points enemies within a narrow region push to generate for Zerg this difficult is undoubtedly, although its possible to crawl, set Overlord using one and then build.

If your enemy of chokes, to beat your larger army depends, then simply go tech to flying Einheiten.Fliegende units choke points ignore completely.

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The StarCraft 2 strategies work best?

If you're playing new StarCraft 2, you find out that there are millions of people who have played this game for almost a decade. This means that if you play against you, you against some hardcore enthusiast or professional level, players who will be accessing the best StarCraft 2 strategies and might have a few developed their own.

When you start the game if you are searching for strategies as most people are go - you are currently playing.While this can be fun and everyone likes a new game by itself to discover access can some beginner's StarCraft 2 strategies make it much easier on you and give you a better chance of success on long Sicht.Spieler starting with defined strategies at determine that able to play for longer and forward.

There are many different places, to go where to StarCraft 2 strategies, partly due to the fact that it developed so many people who play to finden.Viele people have their own strategies and have discovered available, sometimes by accident all of the cheats.If you are serious about this game, then you need to deal with this information and to work in your own game.

The local bookstore isn't the best idea, if you are on search of current strategies, cheats for each game, due to the fact that these games new versions and updates exhibition sind.Aber there are a number of very high quality strategy and cheat sites you with the information you need to play better and more at stake, that you love, whether it is for a fee or free of charge.

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The Razer ironclad: Mouse pad of strength and beauty

The latest product for serious players is available the Razer ironclad. The ironclad is definitely meant for hardcore gamers, the absolute best in gaming to Accessories. The surface is aluminium, from Adonized similar as an another top gaming mouse pad on the market, the SteelSeries SX.

Speaking of Razer competitors, there are a lot together with Steesleries' SX and Razer ironclad. Both are a very strong metal made, and both selling for around the same price.The main difference is, that the ironclad is a little thicker and it is is also sandgestrahlt.Die surface from the warship, as a result, a bit more controlled and textured.

Since the failure of the Razer eXactmat, Razer has been searching for a way to redeem themselves.The Razer ironclad achieved effective dies.Razer seems their research in a durable metal interface counter a few last mouse pads that very quickly took such as which wear down Razer Megasoma. There is no doubt that Razer should want to preserve their reputation as a high quality gaming accessory manufacturers.

The surface of this mouse pad is very smooth, but there is a certain amount of texture definitely. A mouse is still very smooth glide over its surface. This applies especially to gaming mice have made smoother mouse feet of Teflon or similar materials.

Very closely the ironclad Razer mouse movement - what is what we expect from a mouse mat that cost so much. The mouse is still very accurate even very quickly moving the mouse over the surface. Precision is always a good thing for FPS games.

There are some reasons why the ironclad could not be perfect for all.For one thing, the surface touch can be cold.Some may like cold feel on the wrist, but others can find the resulting condensation annoying.Most people, however, nothing you don't mind feels metallic of the Mouse Pad.Wenn, is the pad otherwise very comfortable at the edges.

If the cost of the Razer ironclad think, remember, that it should more ist.Es a solid piece of metal, simply because of the material out made wird.Es probably there will three times last last, as long as other mouse pad to a good investment in the course of time is. in addition, if you play a lot of games, think you appreciate the excellent surface.

The ironclad is particularly suitable for those, the own gaming Mause.Dies applies, whether you prefer playing at high DPI or Gaming.Die want the ironclad for low DPI surface it is a controlled sniper shot not too smooth, but is smooth enough to pick up an assault rifle and do some running and seeks the hat trick.

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Where to find StarCraft II strategies?

Knowing that play StarCraft and StarCraft II on a regular basis, then one of the over ten million people, you finally come to a level in the game where you basically no longer go. This integrated road blocks were developed so that you would have to find specific cheats and StarCraft II strategies. While this can be very frustrating for some people, it is added part of the game what third best-selling game in the world (behind the Sims and world of Warcraft) did it.

Many people start at all, this game without any StarCraft II strategies play only along and learn the game, how spielen.Es is not until much later that you realize that you successfully, longer or better could have played more using specific strategies on the way.

The good news is that you have a variety of StarCraft II strategies online, you play the game found can exercise your brain, and actually make it much more enjoyable for you.You can go to your local bookstore and buy a book of strategies and cheats, but you find that most of you are out of date or can be found for free online.

In addition there is to you that you talk subscription sites and electronic newsletter, which play a more detailed strategies depending on the role you and what you hope to erreichen.Auf find these websites can and with other people who are at your level or interact with the same frustrations, as you are, and you can search you, lernen.Durch after adding learning more cheats and strategies, much to the fun of the game.

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You are looking for a perfect cure for boredom? Play online games

Online games have been around for a while now, and are always very popular today more than ever before because their amazing way reduce off someone a hectic and boring routine. Not only maintained online games but also make mentally strong and competent enough to face life's challenges. They offer a great platform for social interaction and the exchange of ideas in multi player games.

ATV games have been around for a while now, and are always very popular today more than ever before because their amazing way reduce off someone a hectic and boring routine. Not only will you be entertained ATV games but also make mentally strong and competent enough to face life's challenges.Offer a great platform for social interaction and exchange of ideas in Multi Player.Wenn play an online game, you'll derive maximum satisfaction and get full thanks to the user-friendly environment and incredible features, entertain.

If you play online games, you may be able, teamwork, team spirits and common ‧devices build you one of those people to play by play are addicted who insured the online platform has so much to Creative Commons. You simply get online and download that many games that are categorized into different groups such as action, puzzle, adventure, and much more.

If you play online games with your friends, enjoy multi-playing skills, i.e. in the location you can kick, jump.Punch, shoot what is it, that will make have an unforgettable experience and of course gewinnen.Beachten you also, that you can play unlimited games, if you sign up for annual memberships with each of the many sites available.These websites offer a great to treat fans to enjoy games of what genre, you wollen.Die unmatched sound quality and graphics will make sure that you get unlimited entertainment and fun.

Thanks to the advancement in technology come online flash games of shooting guns and joysticks, very only you will receive the games joy and fun, no wonder that online games are the latest craze among gaming enthusiasts today full ausgestattet.Nicht, improve your skills, will heal your boredom if you avatar games play.

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War and mind games

By David Forman David Forman
Level: Basic PLUS

David is a game site owners and big fan of free online games. David free online games founded his website with the vision of sharing...

It has noted been war games are some of the most popular games, children and adults online play. There are several categories of war games and you can find one suitable for just about any person if you register only. If you animated, simple war games with less violence involved are interested in, are a lot of smart decisions you can make.Cartoons like war games for children, are ideal as you raise the minimum level of violence, but still have to manage to the player to the maximum to engagieren.Einige people really deep into the games look war something that has only the right dosage of elements may need before you find but you true happiness, are you the best way passed to you. No longer waste my time, no longer lists and different games try to find a suitable. The Internet is easily accessible, easy to use and ensures that a great variety of games to offer certainly to everyone's taste.

War games are often misunderstood than most people think that they promote children and violence.However, tend to omit the fact that children, and anyone else that could play for that matter, to use your mind simply to complete as you make it to the next level, war is actually stimulate the mind games.However, if you prefer like the effect, but it by other means, to get it, you should probably know that the Internet offers a wide range of spirit games children heads working set.Mind games have become quite popular, as they have proved very useful in the development of children Geist.Kinder is greatly improved memory, and parents are satisfied with the results very soon.

David is a game site owners and big fan of free online Spiele.David founded his website with the vision free mind-online games for children around the world to teilen.Joya games provide a platform for people, your thinking and reasoning skills grow mentally to develop.

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David Forman - EzineArticles Expert AuthorThis article was viewed 11 times.
Article submitted on: 28 October 2010

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World of Warcraft economy

Welcome back readers. Here I present the second article for your perusal, which your server compared with the real world economy. This week we look at how the two are dissimilar.


The real world is full of you, taxes, taxes, stamp duty. Not remove whatever you may be called you. In the world of Warcraft the only real tax is either the original listing fee or the final 5% discount depending on whether your goods or do not sell. The biggest difference is why they exist. In the real world there are control either to make richer people or money create pools with which groups can buy as the Government for the collective public things. Wow are these costs to abuse by the AH to prevent it. Imagine if posting was free. Everyone would start post buy random products for 100 x your price in the hope that some "Cup" would not know to buy its real price or misclick and it accidentally.Although this crazy price sold items 1 in 100 people ahead would go a lot and post like you wouldn't believe how you lose everything on unsold items.This would rise to the set of members massively listed and slow down the whole AH with annoying trades fuhren.Der reason the neutral auction house auction fee later is to prevent abuse of cross group Handel.jedoch as a set of blogs will tell you, with this higher fee you can make plenty profit.

Quality of the goods

In the real world, when beat your competitors you are is always the possibility, your were a little more effort commissioning and go for the more quality focused Markte.Oder could go in the other direction and many cheap inferior products to create and sell at a low price. In world of Warcraft items have no varying levels of quality. This means that the only things that have competitors make different price is.

Can change at any time.

Most countries have a level of democracy concerns as erfolgen.Es economic decisions make developed, fair system to gestalten.Selbst if some of them are corrupt, voices and processes or drag the processes.WoW is a dictatorship.Blizzard have total control how things work.If you wanted to you could change every aspect of the game without consulting with players and you could do it without warning.These changes depending on who you are and how willing you are to adapt work both for good and bad.

No banks

Despite all their bad press help massively make easier the economies of Welt.Sie banks cash flow and loans offer can. If they will come with a good idea for a business then banks in return for interest on the loan finanziert.Wenn you are there with a good investment opportunity in WoW you pretty much on your own Faust.Es unless, you some very trusting friends have all the money increase this means I see much more power than the poor have. personal to the super rich in WoW where players could function in WoW or guilds are banks with the option to give credit to others and have a kind of inbuilt system to track the loan as well as some sort of enforceable payback systems.

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World of Warcraft Guide on linen cloth farming

No money on your first time? This world of Warcraft Guide learn a surefire way, earn a reasonable profit for you as you want to spend! As each game world of Warcraft currency needed to make your character stronger and better fighting outfit. The auction house, silver and gold as a currency used for trade. Gold farming in world of Warcraft pretty easy, even if you are new. One of the elements that pretty quickly sold on the auction house and can be easily managed linen cloth that is found in all low level areas if you kill certain types of creatures. Linen is cloth use, to the lines work to make, which is quite useful bandages for first aid if you have a character which does not heal. Starting to level 6-7 (depending on your class), you should able easily linen cloth farm (1 to 3 drops every time) through various types of creatures, the depending where started agriculture.

If you as an undead started is your best bet humanoid Scarlet Crusaders in Tirisfal glades between Brill and lower town farm.When you started as GNOME or dwarf DUN provides Morogh area the best agriculture by targeting multiple objectives, namely Wendigo, Frostman trolls and leper Gnomes.beginnen out as a person in Stormwind area, then you should go targeting goblins in the vicinity of two mines namely to Elwyn forest Fargodeep and Jasperdole or destination bandits, man and wealth equally.

ORC and troll players should get a companion or group and farm within Ragefireabgrund Troggs and burning blade orcs it covered large amounts to 3-5 linen towels per kill at times.If you started as a Tauren then venture co. is East miners of Thunder Bluff the best place to the Night Elves Teldrassil Bauernhof.Neue area should try agriculture sprites and Grells Gnarlpines.Blood elf starting near Silvermoon should undead creatures like skeletons roaming area.

Maximum stack for linen cloth is 20 and sold at least 1 gold per server and hour of agriculture, have no competition net can availability of Elements.Eine around an average of 100 linen cloths or mehr.Humanoiden usually drop a better rate than other creatures in the Durchschnitt.Auch have a tip to remember if you take the tailoring, you will receive bonus cloth drops as well, and you can add very quickly find.

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Apple iPod touch 8 GB (4th Generation) NEWEST MODEL

See friends while you talk to them with FaceTime. Shoot, edit, and share stunning HD video. Play games against friends, or unknown foes, with the new Game Center. And do it all on the Retina display--the highest-resolution screen on any mobile device. It makes graphics and text look even more amazing. The new iPod touch. It's state-of-the-art fun.

Introducing the new iPod touch. Now with FaceTime, Retina display, HD video recording, and Game Center. Click to enlarge.

Advanced engineering at play.

Pioneering technology built into iPod touch is how you're able to flick, tap, and pinch. It's what makes a racing game feel so real. It's why you're able to see a friend crack up at your jokes from across the globe. And it's the reason iPod touch is the most incredible iPod you'll ever own.

Looks can be amazing.
iPod touch has an all-new design that makes it the thinnest, lightest, most amazing iPod touch ever. Holding one is all the proof you need. With its curved design, iPod touch is now a mere 7.2 millimeters thin. Its engineered-glass front and stainless steel back feel sleek and smooth in your hand. Turn it on, and you're instantly blown away by the brilliant Retina display. iPod touch is the perfect combination of stunning design and revolutionary technology--brilliant from the outside in.

Retina display. A blast from the future.
There are lots of reasons you won't want to take your eyes off the new iPod touch. The 960-by-640 backlit LCD display, for one. It packs 326 pixels per inch, making it the highest-resolution iPod screen ever. To achieve this, Apple engineers developed pixels so small--a mere 78 micrometers across--that the human eye can't distinguish individual pixels. Even though you can't see them, you'll definitely notice the difference. Text is remarkably sharp, and graphics are incredibly vivid.

Apple A4 processor. More power to you.
The Apple A4 chip is behind, or rather underneath, all the fun you can have on iPod touch. Apple engineers designed the A4 chip to be a remarkably powerful yet remarkably power-efficient mobile processor. With it, iPod touch can easily perform complex jobs such as multitasking, editing video, and placing FaceTime calls. All while maximizing battery life. And fun.

Gyro + Accelerometer. Smooth moves.
iPod touch just learned some new moves. It now includes a built-in three-axis gyroscope. When paired with the accelerometer, the gyro makes iPod touch capable of advanced motion sensing such as user acceleration, full 3D attitude, and rotation rate. Translation: more motion gestures and greater precision for an even better gaming experience.

Two cameras. Double the fun.
iPod touch captures video with two built-in cameras. It shoots amazing HD 720p video from the back camera. And with its advanced backside illumination sensor, it captures beautiful footage even in low-light settings. All while the built-in microphone records conversations, music, or any audio at the same time. And on the front of the iPod touch, the built-in camera is perfect for making FaceTime calls and shooting self-portraits. It's surprising how much fun can fit into something so small.

Multi-Touch. Control at your fingertips.
When you put your finger on the iPod touch, how does it just start doing what you want it to do? It's a chain reaction, really. The Multi-Touch display layers a protective shield over a capacitive panel that senses your touch using electrical fields. It then transmits that information to the Retina display below it. So you can glide through albums with Cover Flow, flick through photos and enlarge them with a pinch, zoom in and out on a section of a web page, and control game elements precisely.

FaceTime comes to iPod touch. Don't just say hello. Smile.

Tap for a more instant instant message.
Take "LOL" to the next level and actually see friends laughing out loud. Or bring "XOXO" to life when you blow someone a kiss from miles away. FaceTime on iPod touch makes it possible. FaceTime works right out of the box--just enter your Apple ID and email address. Or create a new email account just for FaceTime. Using FaceTime is as easy as it gets. Say you want to start a video call with your best friend over Wi-Fi. Just tap the FaceTime app and find her entry to start the call. An invitation pops up on her iPod touch or iPhone 4 screen asking if she wants to join you. When she accepts, FaceTime begins. It's all perfectly seamless. And it works in both portrait and landscape. See how much fun you can have.

See friends while you talk with FaceTime, or play games against friends or unknown foes with Game Center.

Two cameras make either side its fun side.
iPod touch has two built-in cameras, one on the front above the display and one on the back. The front camera has been tuned for FaceTime. It has just the right field of view and focal length to focus on your face at arm's length. So it always presents you in the best possible light. Which is particularly handy when you're talking to someone who's more than just a friend.

The back camera. See and share.
So your roommate had to work late and couldn't make it to the concert. You can share the encore with a FaceTime call. As the band takes the stage and starts playing one of her all-time favorite songs, just tap a button. And before the lead singer can belt out his first note, iPod touch switches to the back camera and to the sure-to-be-legendary performance. Another tap switches to the front camera and to you. Simple, fast, and fun.

HD video recording comes to iPod touch. Ready, and action.

Built-in editing gives video a fun-tuning.
No need to wait until you're back at your computer to edit video. With basic editing built into iPod touch, you can get right down to business. Just drag to select start and end points on a filmstrip. Keep only the parts of the video you want, and turn it into something you and your friends will watch again and again.

Make mini blockbusters in just a few taps with iMovie on iPod touch. Say you're on an amazing road trip, and you want to create a video postcard of everything you've seen and done. Just use the iMovie app--pick it up in the App Store for just $4.99. Built for iPod touch, iMovie lets you combine and edit video clips, give them that extra something with dynamic themes and transitions, add music and photos, and share your finished movies with the world.

Make a movie. Starring you.
The next time you venture out on, say, an amazing hike, don't just tell your friends about it. Show them. In addition to the high-definition camera on the back, iPod touch has a VGA-quality camera on the front--above the display--that lets you see yourself on the display while you record. It's perfect for turning the camera on yourself. No more guessing if you're in the frame or accidentally cropping yourself out altogether. So get ready for your close-up.

Shoot what you want. Share where you want. Ever find yourself in the middle of typing an email when you see something that words just can't describe? Just launch the camera and record on the fly. Then upload your HD movie directly to YouTube. Or select some video from the Camera Roll and attach it to a new email message, ready to send. Posting to your Facebook page or blog is also just a tap away. And you can easily sync all the video you shoot on iPod touch back to your Mac or PC.

Point and shoot.
An awesome view. A decked-out cupcake. Your dog looking unbearably cute. If you want to take a quick photo to upload to your Facebook page, either camera on iPod touch can also capture stills. Just tap on the screen to adjust exposure. Then post to Facebook and let the comments begin.

The new Game Center app on iPod touch lets you expand your social gaming network--exponentially.

Game Center. Way more than two can play that game.

Gamers rejoice. Game Center is here.
The new Game Center app on iPod touch lets you expand your social gaming network. Exponentially. All anyone needs to play is an iPod touch or iPhone running iOS 4.1. With iOS 4.1, you'll see a Game Center app on your Home screen. Just tap it and sign in with your Apple ID, and you're good to go. You can create a different nickname that will be visible to friends and the gaming community. You can also assign several email addresses to the Game Center app, making it easy for more friends to find you. Download any games you see by tapping links in Game Center. Games can be started right in the Game Center app. And the best part: Once you sign in to Game Center, you're always connected. Until you decide to sign out.

Friends. Soon to be opponents.
Bring your friends along for the ride. Or match. Or mission. Once you're signed in to the Game Center app, you can invite someone by sending a friend request using their nickname or email address. Your friends show up in a separate Friends list in the Game Center app. Tap on a friend's name, and you can see what games they've been playing. You can also check out pending friend requests you receive, and add as you see fit.

Leaderboards and achievements. Score some bragging rights.
Take a look at leaderboards and see how your score ranks against your friends, as well as all players of each game. You can also compare game achievements with your friends. Check out leaderboards and achievements in the Game Center app and in each individual game app. Let the smack talk begin.

Meet your match.
Say you want to get a multiplayer game going. Auto-match will prioritize your friends if they happen to be looking for an auto-match, too. Otherwise, it will set you up with a soon-to-be-friend from anywhere around the world. You can also choose to invite friends and have auto-match fill the number of players needed for a game.

Music. Let your fingers do the rocking.

Cover Flow. A work of album art.
What a song does for your ears, Cover Flow on iPod touch does for your eyes and fingers. Turn iPod touch on its side and glide through your music by album art with the flick of your finger. Tap an album cover to flip it over and display a track list. Tap again to start the music.

Genius playlists. From one great song comes an even greater playlist.
Say you're listening to a song you really love and want to hear other tracks that go great with it. Genius uses that song to find other songs in your library and makes a Genius playlist for you. Listen to the playlist right away, save it for later, or even refresh it and give it another go. Count on Genius to create a playlist you wouldn't have thought of yourself.

Genius Mixes. The ultimate mix-master.
Genius acts as your personal DJ. All you do is sync iPod touch to iTunes, and Genius automatically searches your library to find songs that sound great together. Then it creates multiple mixes you'll love. These mixes are like channels programmed entirely with your music. It's a great way to rediscover songs you haven't heard in forever--and some you even forgot you had.

Let your fingers do the rocking.

Shake to Shuffle. And rock 'n' roll with it.
Shake things up a bit. Musically speaking, that is. The next time you're listening to your tunes, turn on Shake to Shuffle, then give iPod touch a shake to shuffle to a different song in your music library. It's just another way iPod touch keeps your music feeling fresh.

iTunes. That's entertainment.
Feed your iPod touch songs and music videos from your iTunes library on your computer. Or buy and download new music on your iPod touch when you access iTunes over Wi-Fi. Songs you purchase on iPod touch transfer to your Mac or PC the next time you connect iPod touch to your computer. And now with iTunes Ping, you can follow friends to find out what music they're listening to, buying, and recommending. Or catch up with your favorite artists and see if they're playing near you.

Bluetooth. No strings attached.
iPod touch includes support for Bluetooth wireless technology. So you can pair wireless stereo headphones with it. Keep your iPod in your bag or charging on your desk across the room and still listen to your music.

Movies + TV shows. Take the show, or movie, on the road.

The big screen. On the small screen.
With iPod touch, movie nights can happen anytime of day, anywhere you are. Carry hours of video with you and watch them on the amazing 3.5-inch color widescreen Retina display. Shop the iTunes Store and choose from thousands of movies, TV shows, and video podcasts to fill your iPod touch. From Hollywood blockbusters to indie favorites, there's something for everyone. Download and watch movies with a few taps. Prefer TV shows? Get a single episode or an entire season's worth all at once. With iPod touch, you can travel far and widescreen.

Control how you watch.
While watching your video, tap the display to bring up onscreen controls. You can play or pause, view by chapter, and adjust the volume. Or use the volume controls on the left side of the iPod touch. Want to switch between widescreen and full screen? Simply tap the display twice. It's just like your TV remote. Except you never have to fight over it.

iTunes. Keep yourself entertained.
Need some entertainment for your next flight or road trip? With iTunes on your iPod touch and a Wi-Fi connection, you can buy movies and TV shows on the fly. You can also rent shows for just $0.99 an episode, in case you're not sure if one is a keeper. And of course, you can also purchase movies and TV shows on your Mac or PC, then sync them to your iPod touch. Popcorn not included.

Visit your favorite websites. All you need is your iPod touch and Wi-Fi.

Available as a free download, iBooks is an amazing eBook reader and a great place to buy books.

And plenty more ...

  • App Store
    Download apps directly to iPod touch.

  • iTunes
    Create an iTunes Store account and shop over Wi-Fi anytime.

  • iBooks
    Available as a free download, iBooks is an amazing eBook reader and a great place to buy books.

  • iMovie
    Edit video, add themes and music, and share your movies. Available in the App Store for just $4.99.

  • Mail
    Send email and view attachments from your Gmail, MobileMe, or other email account.

  • Safari Web Browser
    Visit your favorite websites. All you need is your iPod touch and Wi-Fi.

  • Photos
    Take your photos with you. Share them in an email. Make your favorite your wallpaper.

  • Home Screen
    Customize the arrangement of your apps across multiple Home screens in iTunes.

  • Voice Control
    Control music playback on iPod touch using spoken commands.

  • Maps
    Find restaurants, concert venues, or any place you need to go, and see how to get there with Maps.

  • YouTube
    Watch the latest viral video sensation and access your favorite videos.

  • Nike + iPod
    Achieve your fitness goals with built-in Nike + iPod support on iPod touch.

  • Voice Memos
    Record notes, random thoughts, a friend's impersonation, or any audio you want.

  • Accessibility
    iPod touch comes with screen-reading technology and other accessibility features.

What's in the Box

8 GB iPod touch, earphones, dock connector to USB cable, and quick start guide.

Price: $229.00

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Bacon Flavored Mints

Bacon Flavored MintsEach one of these mints tastes like a delicious slice of crispy bacon with just a hint of mint flavor to give it that extra punch! It may sound weird but once you taste it, you

Price: $5.99

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Baby Signing Time Volume 1 DVD

Baby Signing Time Volume 1 DVDThe Baby Signing Time Series combines clever songs, animation, and real signing babies - all age two and under - to make signing easy and fun. Baby Signing Time is a great first step into signing. Or, add Baby Signing Time to your existing Signing Time collection for more reinforcement for those beginning signs and additional songs. Created specifically for babies as young as 3 months old up to 3 years, yet fun for the whole family!

Features host Rachel Coleman, along with animated Baby Alex, Baby Leah, and Baby Hopkins. Baby Signing Time Volume 1 sets your baby's day to music as you learn signs for everyday events in baby's life: eating, family, pets, and more.

Available only on DVD. Close-Captioned. Approximate run time: 30 minutes plus special features. Note: This is the Baby Signing Time Volume 1 DVD only. Baby Signing Time Volume 1 includes the following songs: * Baby Signing Time Theme * Eat & Drink * Mom Has a Mom * Diaper Dance * More, More, More * The Pets I Love * A Hard Day * It's Baby Signing Time

Special Features

Sign Review - Welcome To Baby Signing Time! - Getting Started - FAQ: Rachel's Color Coded Fingers - Sneak Preview of Vol. 2 - Rachel Signing: It's Baby Signing Time! - Rachel Signing: Theme Song.

ASL Signs

ASL signs taught in this DVD: Eat - Drink - Cracker - Water - Cereal - Milk - Banana - Juice - Finished - Mom - Grandma - Dad - Grandpa - Diaper - Potty - More - Bird - Fish - Cat - Dog - Horse - Frog - Hurt - Where.

And if you pay close attention, you ll also see and learn these additional signs: Baby - Signing - Time - Many - Love - New - Sweet - Spirit - Talent - Dreams - I Love You (ily) - Now - Special - Car.

Price: $21.99

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RoomMates RMK1382SCS Star Wars: the Clone Wars Glow in the Dark Wall Decals

RoomMates RMK1382SCS Star Wars: the Clone Wars Glow in the Dark Wall DecalsRMK1382SCS Features: -Wall decal. -You will definitely ''feel the force'' with this ultra dynamic set of star wars. -Decals feature the original 3D art of all your favorite characters. -All of the light sabers glow in the dark. -Your walls will never be boring again. -Immerse yourself in the clone wars universe and turn your bedroom into a galaxy far.

Price: $12.99

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Bats About You Halloween Gift Box of Snacks & Candy Treats

Bats About You Halloween Gift Box of Snacks & Candy TreatsWe deliver Halloween fun for your little goblins, even when you're miles away! Open the lid to this fantastic detailed bat gift box to discover all the yummy treats tucked inside: Spooky Snickerdoodle Cookies, Cob Web Cotton Candy, Happy Halloween Butter Toffee Popcorn, Witches Bite Size Pretzel Twists, Halloween Candy Tarts, and an assortment of Gummi Body Parts, treat bag of Fun Size Halloween Candy, an assortment of Bat Rings and even a 4" plush keepsake Bat to make Halloween extra fun. After the goodies are gone, this great gift box can be used for a fantastic Halloween decoration for years to come. Each gift is hand crafted with attention to detail and includes a personalized gift card message from you. Manufactured by Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets.

When will my gift ship? When will my gift be delivered? Please review the Shipping Rates and Policies link provided below for very important information regarding when your purchase will ship and be delivered.


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Sunday, October 31, 2010

SanDisk 8GB microSDHC Card CLASS 2 (SDSDQ-8192, Bulk Package)

SanDisk 8GB microSDHC Card CLASS 2 (SDSDQ-8192, Bulk Package)SanDisk is proud to announce our newest format and capacity to the SD card family: microSD High Capacity (microSDHC) 8GB flash card.

Price: $99.99

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Easy-Bake 12 Super Pack Mixes Includes: 3 Yellow Cake Mix, 3 Chocolate Chip Mix, 3 Sugar Cookie Mix, 3 Chocolate Frosting Mix

Easy-Bake 12 Super Pack Mixes Includes: 3 Yellow Cake Mix, 3 Chocolate Chip Mix, 3 Sugar Cookie Mix, 3 Chocolate Frosting MixEach one of these mints tastes like a delicious slice of crispy bacon with just a hint of mint flavor to give it that extra punch! It may sound weird but once you taste it, you


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Energizer Watch/Electronic Batteries, 3 Volts, 2032, 2 batteries (Lithium Button Cell)

Energizer Watch/Electronic Batteries, 3 Volts, 2032, 2 batteries (Lithium Button Cell)We continue this legacy today by making batteries for many electronic devices that have come along since then: car alarms, digital thermometers, PDAs, handheld games and more. Every day we strive to make our small batteries more powerful and reliable.

Price: $4.99

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - The Movie [VHS]

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - The Movie [VHS]The power of teamwork overcomes all!

Price: $6.98

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