Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The most effective StarCraft 2 strategy for when you're outnumbered

Use choke points to your advantage is often a really strong StarCraft 2 strategy. Using properly could be the difference between the win a Abgleichung-and drop a match mean. A choke point is a section of a map that limit the movement of units through it.

The most familiar is the ramp in the Heimatbasis.Auch if the opponent has a large army, can easily protect your base by several strategically positioned colossi of Memnon or siege tank.

Allow smaller armies to larger armies defeat.For example, if the choke point only wide by enough to walk for three units at a time, is your enemy in position with three units Angriff.Es makes no difference if your opponent has 50 units if only 3 able, attack at any time. This is the power a choke point.

Also in the event that you have ranged units such as stalker, Marines or Hydralisks, be in a position of the keenest concave use. Their ranged weapons units outside of the choke point should have the ability to assign in a concave formation so you simultaneously on 2 or 3 units fire that can flow through the throttle. This allows a large number of ranged units attack a much smaller number of units to get climbing through the small area while you.

A few maps natural choke Punkte.manchmal are included you just outside of your natural expansion makes perfect to protect both your main base and your natural expansion.These cards can easily extend and protect your bases by you only a small amount of units.Multiple cards have chokes in the center of the map, that tend, perfect for surprising armies on your way to your base to ‧devices you can, in the center of the map to destroy enemy army, can potentially a counter-attack which send may end the match.

If there is no natural chokes, you are able a few herzustellen.Terran and protoss are able to use building to choke points enemies within a narrow region push to generate for Zerg this difficult is undoubtedly, although its possible to crawl, set Overlord using one and then build.

If your enemy of chokes, to beat your larger army depends, then simply go tech to flying Einheiten.Fliegende units choke points ignore completely.

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