Tuesday, November 2, 2010

World of Warcraft economy

Welcome back readers. Here I present the second article for your perusal, which your server compared with the real world economy. This week we look at how the two are dissimilar.


The real world is full of you, taxes, taxes, stamp duty. Not remove whatever you may be called you. In the world of Warcraft the only real tax is either the original listing fee or the final 5% discount depending on whether your goods or do not sell. The biggest difference is why they exist. In the real world there are control either to make richer people or money create pools with which groups can buy as the Government for the collective public things. Wow are these costs to abuse by the AH to prevent it. Imagine if posting was free. Everyone would start post buy random products for 100 x your price in the hope that some "Cup" would not know to buy its real price or misclick and it accidentally.Although this crazy price sold items 1 in 100 people ahead would go a lot and post like you wouldn't believe how you lose everything on unsold items.This would rise to the set of members massively listed and slow down the whole AH with annoying trades fuhren.Der reason the neutral auction house auction fee later is to prevent abuse of cross group Handel.jedoch as a set of blogs will tell you, with this higher fee you can make plenty profit.

Quality of the goods

In the real world, when beat your competitors you are is always the possibility, your were a little more effort commissioning and go for the more quality focused Markte.Oder could go in the other direction and many cheap inferior products to create and sell at a low price. In world of Warcraft items have no varying levels of quality. This means that the only things that have competitors make different price is.

Can change at any time.

Most countries have a level of democracy concerns as erfolgen.Es economic decisions make developed, fair system to gestalten.Selbst if some of them are corrupt, voices and processes or drag the processes.WoW is a dictatorship.Blizzard have total control how things work.If you wanted to you could change every aspect of the game without consulting with players and you could do it without warning.These changes depending on who you are and how willing you are to adapt work both for good and bad.

No banks

Despite all their bad press help massively make easier the economies of Welt.Sie banks cash flow and loans offer can. If they will come with a good idea for a business then banks in return for interest on the loan finanziert.Wenn you are there with a good investment opportunity in WoW you pretty much on your own Faust.Es unless, you some very trusting friends have all the money increase this means I see much more power than the poor have. personal to the super rich in WoW where players could function in WoW or guilds are banks with the option to give credit to others and have a kind of inbuilt system to track the loan as well as some sort of enforceable payback systems.

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