Saturday, October 30, 2010

Shack PSA: Gears of 2 was increases XP ' 31 times this weekend. Horde added Chainsaw Massacre

As a special Halloween treat Epic Games decided the gears of war 2 XP bonus to a ridiculous number this weekend increase the Sera players that perfect excuse to return to the world.

Experience from October 29 to November 2 points in all of the multiplayer modes in Gears of 2 "missiles" war found 31 times of the usual amount.

"Epic is also"things with a special"Chainsaw Massacre" shake Edition of the popular Horde mode of the game to "."Only Lancer-matches with no longer chainsaw interrupts to save your enemies (or you!) from certain gory evisceration, "a blog post on the game's official website is."

Played I not gears of war 2 age, but the a XP bonus of 31 times the normal rate? I think it's time to dust off that chainsaw and shoot for some missing success.

[Thanks for the tip, Jeff]

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